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Methods Massage, Cupping therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

FST- Is a highly advanced table based Assisted Stretch Therapy that is much different than traditional stretching. It's both very functional and dynamic. FST engages the entire myofascial system by targeting muscles, fascia (connective tissue), tendons, and nerves. With this METHOD you can increase flexibility, joint mobility, and restore balance at a rapid pace.

Sports Massage

A goal oriented deep tissue style massage that may include stretching or joint mobilization within the massage if needed. Whether you are getting ready for an event, just finishing an event or looking to reduce pain caused by repetitive movements then sports massage is the perfect METHOD for you.

Cupping Therapy

The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. This is an excellent way to relieve muscle aches, decrease the size of trigger points, reduce migraines, detox, and smooth over cellulite! From professional athletes to keyboard warriors this METHOD is a must try!

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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic- Having a healing effect; tending to make a person healthier. Whether you are looking to relax with a gentle Swedish massage or work out some muscular tension with a Deep Tissue massage a Therapeutic session is the perfect method for your needs. At the beginning of your appointment the therapist will ask what kind of service you are seeking and adjust the pressure and style according to your preferences.

Kinesiology Taping (RockTape)

RockTape is a thin, elastic, nylon tape that works well for both sports and everyday repetitive injuries. This tape decompresses the injured area, promotes blood flow, stabilizes muscles, improves posture and joint mobility.

IASTM (Graston Technique) -aka Scraping-

Instrument-Assisted, Soft Tissue Mobilization. This is a manual therapy technique that involves the use of stainless steel or plastic tools to break down adhesions and scar tissue in tight muscles that are causing restrictions, imbalances or lack of mobility. This will create a controlled temporary inflammatory response that will accelerate the recovery process.

Say goodbye to Plateaus and Pain by reserving your spot with us today.

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METHODS: B.(2)- A body of skills or techniques 

It is our mission to consistently achieve the ability to help our clients attain goals previously thought impossible by using our various massage Methods.

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Chris Mahana 

Hello! My name is Chris and I am the Owner and therapist of Methods Massage. Since the age of 5 I have been a year-round athlete. I played football, baseball, and wrestled until I graduated high school. Then I became interested in personal training, nutrition and fitness competitions. I discovered massage and sports therapy in high school because I constantly beat my body up and needed a quick form of recovery to get back in the game. After experiencing the beauty of massage I knew that it would always be a part of who I am, eventually turning into my profession! 

    After graduating High School I worked as a PTA in Hayden, ID for 3 years, but I still craved more knowledge and techniques for injury prevention and recovery. Which is what ultimately led me to look into further schooling to become an LMT as well. 

    I have a passion for fixing people as well as getting the athlete to perform at their optimal level. And with a background in Personal training, Physical Therapy, and Massage It allows me to create the perfect catered session for your lifestyle. Life is too short to live in pain, so please stop by METHODS and let me get you on track to living a happier and healthier life. 


License#: NVMT.8469 


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